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  1. With the Wes pictures... (Link Below, circled in black) How do those work exactly? With the Proof of Purchase stuff.. (Circled in red) are those tradeable? after the code is used, that is?
  2. Just got the Winter dragon pet skin xD got it from trading boots.
  3. How exactly do you get the Birdcage skin? I cant use my ROG code anymore?
  4. If and when there is a puzzle, can someone reply to me on this with a link? I cant wait to try out this new update! Seems really fun! hopefully I can get back into DST after taking a break from it for a while...
  5. @Zillvr I got the two windows to open, so the path should be right, right? here is a screen shot of the MyDediServer folder. Screenshot:
  6. @Zillvr The one that said admin generated or something like that? and then do I put it in Cluster key in the Cluster.ini file?
  7. @Zillvr Okay, It opened the two windows, but now I am having trouble with generating the Cluster token.. it said it saves it to the file or whatever.. but it hasnt.
  8. On my desktop... @Zillvr, does it matter where I put it in my c drive?
  9. @Zillvr, Okay.. its saying that it couldnt find the dedicated server.. Picture link:
  10. I dont get any of this.. I installed steamcmd... and do I make the settings and everything text documents? and what do I turn the StartDSTServers.bat into? Im double clicking it and its opening to a text document
  11. Does that mean The Ophelia character wont crash when inspected!?!?