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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Forced to Recreate Account

Issue Description: I have been playing DST for over a week now, but when my game got the latest update it wanted me to Re-Create my account and Re-Enter my email. However, it states my email is already in use and I am unable to create a new account.

I realize that there has been a problem like this before and that it was temporarily resolved by a hotfix. But the problem now occurs with me and I am unable to resolve it. I have tried waiting for the steam overlay to pop up but that still does not resolve the issue.

Steps to Reproduce: Launch Don't Stare

Click "Play Online"

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Yes the error still persists. I've tried restarting steam and my computer. The problem is the game doesn't seem to recognize that it has already been linked to my email and steam account. Is there someway I can edit the lua files or is this not an error i can fix on my end?

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I restarted my computer and noticed that my antivirus was blocking my chrome browser. I refreshed my antivirus permissions for Chrome and Don't Starve and it seems to be working now!


I also noticed that this happens (sometimes) when DST updates and you go to browse the server lists. If you click cancel and retry browsing it it authenticates you

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Hello! I too have this problem but have gotten a step further... If I shut down steam it gives me the error: Error

There was an error obtaining the response from the log-in server. 

I have tried switching emails to validate it but I have not gotten a single email to verify my account.

I waited to today and try and see again but same problem.

When I press play in the game is says my email is not validated although I have validated each of the emails I tried...

I will note that I have had to have the email sent TWICE before I got it...

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A few people noted that re-installing allowed them to play, instead of get the "create account" menu when they already had an account. That might also help.


Will my account still be able to use DST or am I just S.O.L.?

100% sure it's just an error. You own DST and should be able to use DST. Don't worry :) They'll get it fixed one way or another for you!

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