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simple help with modmain.lua commands/code execution


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hello guys i was trying to make a command in a mod, so you see i read the codes and i saw this


STRINGS.CHARACTERS.GENERIC.ACTIONFAIL.RECALL = "Cooldown" -- Text to display if Recall is in cooldown


and i got curious about this cause the other commands on this mod doesnt show a pop-up txt whenever i execute an in game command like, pressing T to recall abigail. i was wondering if i could also right a command that will let a txt appear like wendy just said it (ex. when she eats a stale food she says "was that turning?").. 


so i tried copying the above command/code and change the ACTIONFIAL to ACTION only, to my understanding that this will have a reverse effect on the above command.. like when the action was succesfull a message will appear like  when creating a shadow manipulator, the char will say statement like "is this even science anymore, wendy"..


but the mod crashes stating that the ACTION is not a recognizable or executable command..


here is what i did for..


STRINGS.CHARACTERS.GENERIC.ACTION.RECALL = "Come here.." -- Text to display if Recall is succesfull


disappointing ahahah please help

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I did some digging into the files and I have a theory:

The reason you are getting a crash is that ACTION.RECALL doesn't exist.

If you look at the speech files there is no ACTION there is only ACTIONFAIL

So even if you add ACTION.RECALL there is nothing in the game that will call it.

You are probably better served looking into setting up listeners and generating your own speech. (I don't know how to do that)

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