[Crash] - Game Not Running at All

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Bug Submission:

Category: Crash

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Game Not Running at All

Issue Description: The game is not opening at all. It's being run through Steam and the 'preparing to open' dialog briefly flashes but nothing else happens.

I have verified the cache and run the installers for directx and c++ that are provided in the installed folder.

I am running Win7x64 and have included my dxdiag but there is no log file (presumably because the game has not opened).

Steps to Reproduce: I was simply running the executable.

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I've reuploaded DxDiag.txt but I don't know how to create an mdmp - there isn't one in the game directory.


With the new version I'm now getting an 0xc000007b error.  It's the first time I've had it (from anything) but I think that could possibly have been the problem in the first place.  I've run through all the troubleshooting online that I can find but to no avail.


I've reinstalled .net, c++ and direct x; my drivers are up to date; I've run registry cleaners; I've manually put the .dll's into both win32 and syswow64; I've run chkdsk and haven't found errors from anything.


Unless anyone has any ideas (or it's game related rather than system) I might have to shelve the problem and game for a couple of months.  I have a copy of win8.1 but am holding off reinstalling until I finish uni for the year.  It's the middle of my last semester and I don't want to mess with my whole system too much before I'm done.

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That's correct.  It's a windows error dialog that is caused when attempting to run invisibleinc.exe


I've checked and it occurs identically when I run through steam or directly from the executable.


So far the game has not successfully launched.

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