[General] - Server Doesn't Appear in Server List


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Server Doesn't Appear in Server List

Issue Description: I've found that the server I hosted doesn't appear in the main server list for other people.

Now, maybe this isn't a bug in the traditional sense, but there isn't really any explanation as to how to make server hosting work. I.E, ports, UDP, TDP, all that rubbish.

Steps to Reproduce: Make a server, then try to get people to join. Commence eternal sadness D:

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  • Developer

We use automated punch through technology to connect most users, and in an absolute failure case connections are routed through a relay server. 



I suspect your listing issue was related to us using a flaky TCP library.  We switched to a more standard library and that seems to have cleared up most users issues.  Can you please confirm your listings are working correctly now?



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