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Hotfix 113201 - 10/08/2014

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  • Heat rock needs to go to level 4 heat before it can degrade so oscillation doesn't happen during fall
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed hard crash when steam goes down
  • Fixed melee combat range issue
  • Fixed server crash when a ghost disconnects
  • Fixed clock hover string at dusk
  • Book crafting is now available for Wickerbottom on clients as well as on host
  • All players will now receive their proper starting inventory when starting a new character (e.g. Willow’s lighter)
  • Fix soundemitter crash when haunting certain objects
  • Fixed server browser lua crash when changing filters with an empty list
  • Fix tilde bringing up the console while in chat mode
  • Removed mandrakes from build as they are currently unsupported
  • Removed unsupported world sizes from generation options
  • Fixed crash from picking up staff at hounds set piece
  • Fixed crash from crafting a tooth trap
  • Fix crash when inspecting a compass
  • Fix crash when re-joining a server that has pigs with hats
  • Fix crash when haunting blowdarts
  • Ice and blood UI overlay fixes for client
  • Disable spawning of unsupported items from generation options ( chess pieces, mandrake and caves )
  • Improved stability for starting or resuming on a world with slower connections
  • Fixed screen flash when spawning into a game
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