[Server Crash] - Fire Staff Trap Crash


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Bug Submission:

Category: Server Crash

Issue Title: Fire Staff Trap Crash

Issue Description: Hello, So today in my playthrough my friend and i encountered a few bugs. The one i am reporting about now concerns the fire staff trap where there is a fire staff surrounded by several fire hounds. They hounds functioned perfectly however, there was an issue that seemed to cause the server to crash as soon as the fire staff was actually picked up (when it is supposed to initiate rain). Other than this crash issue our gameplay went off with a hitch, and we just avoided picking up the staff again (we did it twice to ensure it was the staff).

Also i find it important to note that the server disconnected button to return to the main menu does not function for some reason with this crash.

Steps to Reproduce: Find the trap, kill the hounds (or not. i am not sure if it is necessary), and then attempt to retrieve the staff.

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also when we attempted to rejoin the world server to pick up where we left off, both my friend and I noticed that the map was no longer visible for the area's we had explored, though our inventory and locations were the same as when the beginning of the day started for this particular crash.

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