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Bug Submission:

Category: Graphics

Issue Title: Invisible Bishops

Issue Description: So I created a map with the clockworks enemies set to more since atm there doesn't appear to be any clockworks enemies on the map at all for default. So I start new world walking around and all of the sudden a bishop starts shooting at me but i cant see it. Eventually I see the shadow on the ground that should be it but the bishop itself was invisible. Quite possible this was triggered by the bishop shooting downward and triggering the invisible frame for that and then just stayed invisible.

Steps to Reproduce: I dunno but if I had to guess:

1. Set clockworks to anything other than default in map creation

2. Find a clockworks bishop and stand below it so its facing down

3. Let it fire at you

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I think all clockwork enemies* still need to be worked on, since there is no teleportato and chess setpieces available currently... Sadly the clockwork adjuster is "DO NOT ADJUST" for now :(





*You can spawn in the rubble of the damaged clockworks and repair them with gears, but if you get the Knight the game crashes. Could have been because of a ghost player haunting it, but it's not worth reporting yet since the caves aren't implemented yet.

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