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Bug Submission:

Category: Graphics
Issue Title: Gliding after taking damage
Issue Description: I experienced damage from an enemy at the same instant I opened my map. Once I closed it, I ceased having any walking animation, and glided around the map. It was fixed by preforming an action, after which my character acted as normal. I was also close enough to the cold threshold to begin taking environmental damage as this happened, and I don't know if that affected the situation.

After this occurred, I received no communication from the other players on the server, when they had been previously chatty, and didn't see any of them until the server closed about 10 minutes later.
Steps to Reproduce: Get near an aggressive mob, open your map as it begins the attacking animation, close the map as damage is taken.


Edited for grammatical errors.

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I can confirm this. Happens if you go fishing and run away from the pond without catching a fish (while in middle of fishing animation). Also spiders randomly started gliding as well until they attacked me. I don't think i opened the map or anyhing though. Also spawned some Batilisks in and they started "gliding" as well (I think that's still work in progress).

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Yeah, like Lux said I've had this occur in situations other than opening the map. Usually ones where my action is interrupted by something, such as being attacked or starting to walk away halfway through an attack.


Edit: Playing today I realized the other main cause of this: rubberbanding in the middle of the action. It causes you to glide towards the object you were interacting with until you can complete the action.

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