[Gameplay] - Mandrake unpickable after replant (also invisible)


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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Mandrake unpickable after replant (also invisible)

Issue Description: There's actually 2 things happening here with mandrakes.

1) My partner picked a mandrake, and it followed him throughout the dusk/night. It replanted the next morning. He was unable to pick it, it wouldn't respond for him at all (possibly rubberbanding). He came back several days later and found it again, and was able to pick it then, but it disappeared. it was never actually added to his inventory.

2) We were huddling at the same fire all that evening, but on my screen, there was no mandrake - hopping about during the night, or re-planted the next day. I never did see that mandrake in the area, nor did I hear its noises. Perhaps this was somewhat intended though, are mandrakes unique to the player?

Steps to Reproduce: For #1, host a game, pick a mandrake, and let it replant.

For #2, be on the client side while the host is within view.

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