Tell-tale heart [My Suggestions and Feedback]

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Oh, the Tell-Tale Heart.

It sure is a cool looking item! So creepy, so eerie...yet, you craft it from the survival tab.

Yea, I know it's used for survival, but come sure would suit the Magic tab more.


I also feel like it's way too much easy to craft.

I get that you should be able to craft one in each moment, but it almost kills the fear of death (pun intended), as getting revived is really easy. Why would you craft a Meat Effigy if a player can be revived using only 5 grass, some health and his sanity?

Just want to point out that I don't think it should be difficult to craft, just not that easy.

Here it comes my suggestion. We needed some more uses for stings: why not use one for this item?

It makes sense: you cut yourself with that sting and then wrap the blood in grass.

Another material that could be used might be some nightmare fuel...but I suppose just a sting would do the work. Atleast you will have to do a bit more work to craft one  :razz:


And now for a different suggestion: when you craft the Heart, you lose some sanity. Maybe you should get it back once you revive someone (maybe even more then how much you paid for the Heart), so that reviving will be advantageous for the one reviving too.

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They are going to add a way to replenish the lost health, so I do think the heart will need a buff then. My suggestion is to make the heart take a bigger chunk of health at a fixed rate. Like 25 or 30 health per craft, instead of 33%.

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Recently saw Rhymes with Play 7, just came here to drop my suggestion on the TtH, (since I am apparently unallowed to start a thread in this section):


Crafting the TtH takes a fixed ammount of max health (30?), grass and a razor, said lost max health slowly comes back (+10 / day?).


Using it on a ghost revives it with greatly reduced max health (down to 40%?) that gradually comes back as time passes (+12% / day?) all the way to full max health after 5 days; also with really low sanity and hunger (25% both?)


While effigies take max health permanently and are way more expensive, they have the advantajes of taking way less health, don't needing a second player, reliability, more plentiful resurrection, and unhindered recovery.


...dats it bye now...




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