[Gameplay] - Camaera Drone sees through corner

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Camaera Drone sees through corner

Issue Description: Camera Drone is capable of seeing through a corner formed by an 'X' junction of walls.

See attached screenshot to understand.

Note: Other hostiles had aleady seen and '!' on Internationale. The Camera Drone just piled on.

Steps to Reproduce: Had finished move. Internationale had failed to attack a hostile due to armor. Everyone saw her, including a drone behind multiple walls.

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Looks like drone just react to guards alert and want to proceed closer to target, like any other corp unit which close to "exclamation point" (which you can't see on normal). Or it "scream" too?
At image could be seen that there no drone's cone of sight at the room, only from nearby three guards.

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The game is in normal mode.  The screenshot is as you see it, with the '!' over the camera drone.  


If the drone was attempting to get vision on a known target, it should have moved through the laser gate towards the door.


Instead the drone moved into the corner and 'screamed' (put up the '!').




Lets not be immediately dismissive of other people's bug reports, unless you have contrary proof to post.  Thanks.

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