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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: TellTaleHeart

Issue Description: So one problem that i encountered in my play today involved the TellTaleHeart (an item that i absolutely love but think it should have higher crafting requirements). When crafting the heart, if you have really low health it kills you (which is fine). The problem is that you craft the heart and it kills you but they heart doesn't drop. And if/when you become revived the heart is in your inventory.

Steps to Reproduce: Have extremely low health, craft the teltaleheart (and die).

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I don't feel as if this is as much as a bug, but more balance. I BELIEVE (Since I don't have access to the DST beta yet) that if the heart is on the ground and your a ghost you can pick it up and be revived. If that is so, then this is for balance. But I feel as if you should only be able to craft it if you meet the health requirement that it takes from you.

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