Werepig King

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Today, when i was crossing a pig village with WX-78 I had a nasty idea, looking at all those guys: is kinda weird to see the whole village mutate and become hairy, hungry and aggressive during fullmoon, while His Majesty the King sleeps like a log.

So, what about making the Pig King a boss during fullmoon, making him able to live his position and roam across the village? At the morning he coud turn back to his normal form and reach his seat again, and if killed he could respawn at his seat after some time. Of course battling him wouldn't be easy because of all the werepigs, but his drop may be rewarding, and maybe be useful to craft a new item in the Together DLC.

Let's think about it!

Sorry, I didnt' hit the old topic where this idea has already been suggested. Mea culpa, here's the link: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/4608-king-werepig/?hl=%2Bwerepig+%2Bking

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I think having him transform but still be rendered immobile because of his weight would be hilarious. Just runnin' through a pig village under the moonlight, trying to keep my life intact, and stumblin' across a wiggly mess of hair that wants to kill me but can't get onto his tiny feet.

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