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  1. Well, I'm upset. I didn't expected this new, but I still was hoping to not see this happen since the puzzle came out. For me isn't only a matter of gameplay or balancing, I think about the software house policy. Since I saw Don't Starve I truly loved it, not only because of the great game it was (and still is, grown better and better), but also for the philosophy behind it. With Don't Starve I found a game somehow old school, a simple yet really thorough game, a rare gem between games spawning pointless dlcs (skin packs, recycled production cuts, all kind of stuff sold for its weight in gold), when Don't Starve periodically came out with updates full of wonders. FREE wonders. This has always been amazing to me. Today it seems that a game needs a social aspect in his gameplay to be complete. I don't think so. I like how the Don't Starve community has always been bound WITHOUT multiplayer. Is sufficient to take a look atthis forum: all the feedbacks, the advice filled discussions, the cooperation to solve puzzles and to find hidden messages... I admit to be a quite solitary gamer, of course. But I anyway played games like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Starcraft, Unreal Tournament... I think that some games are made to be multiplayer, and other don't. I always thought that Don't Starve wasn't. I appreciated so much the strong dev's position about multiplayer and I was in peace. Klei, I still love you, I still love your game, but let me say it: I disagree with this decision. The only thing I hope (and wherein I trust) is that Don't Starve Togheter will make me think again about my position. Since then, i'm happy for all who expected this multiplayer to come and I sincerely wish you good job. For me, in this moment, Klei is like a beloved son taking a road that I believe being wrong, and I can only hope the things will show that the only wrong thing was this my thought.
  2. Ok, now I'm really overwhelmed by all the hype. Just wondering: we had some clues that made us think about moon, space, stars, even aliens... personally I wouldn't like to see aliens in Don't Starve, but, damn, everything will come out from that portal will get me excited as hell.