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Reign of Giants speech


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Okay so i am working on my mod Drok the Caveman, but there is a slight problem...


I made a custom speech lua, but this does not include the Reign of Giants strings. But since i want it to be compatible with Reign of Giants as well i would have to do the whole thing over again, but with the DLC speech lua. The strings are not sorted (like first vanilla strings and then dlc strings) in the DLC speech lua...


Is there a workaround so I don't lose my default strings but still get the Reign of Giant strings?

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RoG strings are in the RoG file...


I know but there is a problem, the RoG strings are merged with the vanilla strings so i'll have to do my current custom speech all over again because the vanilla and RoG are merged and not separated. 


That's why i asked if there is a workaround, maybe a sheet with only RoG strings?

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