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Hey I'm TheCoreofInsanity and I'm new to role playing. After trying to find new RP's and failing at this I decided to make my own.

The story so far: Maxwell and whoever controls him has discovered that there are MULTIPLE Worlds to get "entertainment" from. From this he has been able to place multiple people on a single "Don't starve" world.

Character sheet

Name: Trinity

Gender: Female

Race: human

Backstory: After being sent to a insane asylum after her parents death. She was sure that there was a better way of life she then decided having to study witchery and after 3 years she had enough knowledge to escape that prison of an orphanage. Before she made her escape though she was pulled through the ground by shadow hands and pulled into the don't starve world.


has a magic purse that can contain up to 50 times it's size and has a few seemingly useless items inside.

Has a throwing dagger

Knows minor magic and prop magic


Has bi polar disorder

Can't speak English most of the time

Go's insane at night

Moon phases May affect Insane Trinity

Appearance: 6ft 2"

Black hair,

brown robe dark,

brown purse.

(Sorry for grammar I'm writing on my phone and my computer is in the shop getting fixed)

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