[General] - Map exploration stuck at 98%?

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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Map exploration stuck at 98%?

Issue Description: This is a complicated bug to replicate or even verify as the exploration status only shows up at the end of the game when I can no longer see the map, but it has happened so often now that I think it might be worth reporting: Through dozens of levels I was quite certain that I had seen everything on the map (and the room edges visible in Incognita seem to confirm that view), but the final review only showed 98% exploration. It never was more or less (unless I actively avoided exploration), so that's why feel like it might be a bug.

Am I simply misunderstanding how map exploration works? Are there "secret" tiles?

Steps to Reproduce: Explore all of the map, end the level.

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Hmm, I'll try to test this in more detail over the coming days, I just had a game where I only explored one of the guard elevators of the two in that level, with another 98% exploration rating. So it might not be a bug but just a tad unfair, as you have to wait for the guards to arrive and then usually backtrack through the level towards the higher-level guards to get the 100%.

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