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HUD entity hitbox issue


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I have been tweaking in the mod Puppy Princess. She has this custom item Frosthammer that works as a mini icebox. Originally opening the hammer would place the container widget overlapping the backpack container, which would make the backpack unaccessible until frosthammer would be closed or the backpack would be reopened. So to fix that, I moved the frosthammer container a bit above the backpack position.

It worked partially, most of the backpack stays usable while the frosthammer is open. Partially cause now I have noticed the frosthammer container has its hitbox extended a lot below its actual graphics, result is this:


Hovering backpack slot normally (Note the backpack slot scaled up):


Just a few pixels above, extended invisible frosthammer hitbox (Note the backpack slot scaled down): http://imgbox.com/EdaDCs15


So looking for a solution, I tried to track down how the collision test was being executed in the code. Unfortunately it seems to be out of reach as I hit a dead end on this line:


self.entitiesundermouse = TheSim:GetEntitiesAtScreenPoint(TheSim:GetPosition())


This "TheSim" class seems to be embedded in some non text file.


So, does anyone have any ideas or hints on how to fix this?

Anything will do but preferable a code only solution as my skills on anything non-code art related are kindergarden level. (I found hints about hitboxes being defined on the sprites)

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