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  1. Just get that mod and the traps will actually work like traps instead of having you running in circles hoping that they will trigger the next time the mobs run over them.
  2. ^ One/Two hits, run, repeat. Not even armor needed. Only spear and four hits on each. With some practice and timing, it's pretty easy to kite packs of hounds.
  3. This mod is buggy and unreliable. I tested it a few times on single day run with console help, worked, but during actual runs, one game i tried the ressurection and the game became unresponsive to any input. And right now i just had another run completely screwed up by it. I had a touchstone active and this mod active. At some point i died, the screen took me to the touchstone and ressurected me normally but then something with the mod triggered and i got the "You survived X days > Main menu/Retry" dialog. Meanwhile my char was standing alive behind the the popup but i was unable to control it. I only got this mod as a failsafe against the life giving amulet bug, ended up having the opposite effect lol.
  4. Version 1.0


    First mod, just a tiny requested mod. Disables overheating and freezing within caves.