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The Deerclops Falls.


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 Hmm, let me think about what I should do today.


 I should go tame some Catcoons, then I will have Chester, Glommer and a Catcoon!


 "That sounds quite large!"


 Oh no, not on my first winter!


 So I run as quick as I can away from my base and make a fire.




 Oh no, why does it have to be night when I fight him?




 Well there goes the pig house.


 Time to fight!


The owner of that house was very upset and decided he would have a fight with the demolitionist.


The pig would attack, then I would stop the Deerclops ice wave with a attack from behind, it worked pretty well, until my fire started to lower.


 The pig never stood a chance, and I wasn't going to fight that thing in the dark.


 So I begin kiting the Deerclops around my campfire, two hits, run to the side.




 There goes my log suit, I can't let him hit me.


 One hit, run to the side.


 I was starting to go insane, due to the constant in and out of darkness while dodging, and the Deerclops insanity aura.


 I have to finish this, I can't fight the Deerclops if a Terrorbeak spawns.


 Two hits, run to the side.


 I know this is risky, but I would rather risk my life than die by insanity.




 Goodbye Deerclops, two more to go.

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