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question about transporting to next world in sanbox mode

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So the wooden thing is used to generate a new world beside be able to travel in adventure mode? If you generate a new map will you be able to choose a new character, take your items, unlocked crafting recipes? also can you customize the world map again or do you have to use the map setting that was customized in the first world?

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Wooden thing is used to transport world's. Any recipes you have unlocked will carry over to the new world. Items in your inventory will go too. Along with any pre-built stuff. (built but not placed) World setting will remain the same but you can pick a new character.

Maxwell's Door is what you need to find to do Adventure Mode. 2 different things. Looks like a giant door. It will also trigger a pop up that explains what's going on.

Once you're in Adventure Mode, you'll need to find the things and put them on the wooden thing to travel to the next challenge world.

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The EyeBone will spawn in every world, so if you decide to go to a new world of try adventure mode, you'll have to find a new one every time.

In adventure mode, you'll be given a divining rod at the beginning of every world. You can also take 4 items with you to the next challenge, so, choose wisely!!

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