[Exploit] - Prisoner gains permanent extra AP

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Bug Submission:

Category: Exploit

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Prisoner gains permanent extra AP

Issue Description: The prisoner from the detention center was running from the prisoner cell to the elevator with 7 AP every time. I thought he was moving suspiciously fast!

Steps to Reproduce: 0.) Play a detention center mission.

1.) Get hit by a labyrinth daemon.

2.) Release the prisoner (not an agent) and get control of him.

3.) Let the labyrinth daemon expire.

I believe the example I shared above was with a labyrinth that subtracted AP by 2.

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Thanks for submitting this bug and wanting to help out to make Invisible, Inc. the best game ever!

Unfortunately though, this bug was already submitted a few days ago. This is said post.


I would recommend to always use the search function in the top right. For example, I found the previous post simply by entering "labyrinth" there and hitting search.


It's always better to "necro" an older, relevant thread instead of posting a new one! :D

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