Friendly target attacks on PS4/Vita - how to make Wendy & Abigail more fun to play

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I've found several topics on this but they're all quite old, so I'm a bit sad it hasn't been fixed. I'd just like to leave my experience with these controls since it affects the new Vita version badly too. And I also propose a (hopefully) simple solution.


I tried Wendy for the first time on Vita. I tried to summon Abigail for the first time. I was trying to sacrifice a butterfly over the flower, which as you can imagine involved a lot of random swinging trying to kill it. Well, one hit connected with the butterfly, Abigail poofed into existence... only to poof straight back out as one of my hits intended for the butterfly went to her instead. So I had to wait 3 days to try the whole reason for playing this character, not much fun.


I then accidentally hit the ghost again at a later stage, I think I was just trying to "direct" my attacks at a far away enemy trying to get Abigail to go after it. I literally facepalmed.


Attacks taking priority on Chester rather than enemies is annoying, but less gamebreaking since he doesn't die in one hit. It's also a problem for Webber & spiders, but they are disposable, so that's less of an issue too.


Whereas on Wendy, I'm paranoid doing anything with my weapon now. I don't think she's fun on PS4/Vita like this, I won't be playing her again.


I don't propose changing anything difficult like how the controls work, or target priorities, but how about you just make it that to kill Abigail, Wendy has to exhaust her health normally like you do with Chester?


I can't see a downside to this solution. If you really want Abigail gone for some reason, having to hit her several times feels like a small price to pay for saving players the frustration of accidentally getting rid of Wendy's major gameplay mechanic.

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I haven't experienced this with abigail (I haven't played much as her yet), but I do notice it can be hard to target spiders when they are charging chester. I often whack chester a few times, before realizing that I'm not hitting the enemy. 

However, the problem with Abigail sounds a lot more annoying. I hope they fix this one way or another.

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im playing using wendy right now and i agree with how abigail should not insta killed if hit by wendy.

personally, i like playing dont starve with the controller instead of the keyboard since it feels moer comfortable to me, though the only problem is that the targeting mechanic really likes to make you hit your followers instead of the enemies. i hit chester countless times when making him tank a horde of spiders, but he still has a huge health regen so i guess its not such a big problem, where as abigail is dead in 1 hit. i was trying to kill the chess piece mobs and almost died because i accidentally killed abigail while the sh!tstorm is going on. good thing i hired some pigs before hand, but still, maybe make abigail die in a x amount of hit instead of just 1.


i get its for dismissing abigail if you dont want her but i just dont see why people would want to get rid of her in the first place. shes not that dumb for a follower and doesnt really bother you all that much. and despite the creepy whoooo sounds, shes pretty cute lol

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