[General] - Audio crackle/hiss

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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Audio crackle/hiss

Issue Description: It's like an old vinyl record, the music and sound effects crackle and hiss about every ten seconds and the audio becomes momentarily intermittent. It's an ugly bug; someone has already reported it in the main forum.

Steps to Reproduce: It happened for the first time when I played this evening. It did not go away even after I restarted the game. it's the first time I have experienced this.

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I also have this problem, but for some reason, this doesn't happen on my PC but it happens on my Laptop, and it will not go away. I'm forced to switch off the music though I keep the rest of the sounds on as this problem seems to be connected to the music. It doesn't matter if I have headphones or if it's playing out loud. 

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