(Not)Trading augments between agents

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Here's a question: Can you not trade augments between your agents? Am I supposed to live with the mistake of buying an augment with the wrong agent thinking I could trade it later, simply because it doesn't say anywhere that augments cannot be traded? Or am I just blind and it DOES say this somewhere. If so then let me know, please.


The story: I was just running through a level with Deckard and Internationale and had just hacked a Nanofab. The closest agent to that Nanofab was Internationale so I used her to open it and buy my things. And I saw the augment that gives you AP after the agent uses cloak(can't remember the name of it now. Maybe stealth movement). I thought: "Oh, I can just buy this now with her and give it do Deckard later." WRONG! They met up on the next mission and I couldn't even click the augment in her inventory let alone see the option to trade it, as you can with any other item.

I'm thinking the new update that's in the works is going to cover that. The one where you can trade items between agents outside of a mission. But if it doesn't, then at least have the tool-tip on the augments say something along the lines of: "Augments are permanent upgrades and cannot be removed or traded". This isn't THAT big of a deal. I recovered after that loss of credits and that inventory slot is just out of order, I guess. I can live with that. I just like to complain.


So. Is this intended? Are we just supposed to test stuff for ourselves and get burned in the middle of an amazing run? If so, then fine. The game is too good to be angry just for that. I just thought I'd say something just in case this is not a feature and just a minor oversight. Or in case someone reads this and learns a lesson and doesn't get burned like I did.

(This would be so awkward if it does say somewhere in the game that you cannot trade augments)

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I was thinking just that: taking it when she's knocked out. But it's too late now. Everyone has a cloaking rig anyway. :-)

I guess thinking about it now it makes sense that they can't be traded because they're physical upgrades, but when you play a game you think in terms of mechanics not in terms of common sense. It doesn't say anywhere they can't be traded, so I got burned. But it's OK. I'm just saying it would be helpful to have a line of text warning you of this.

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There is a simple, elegant solution to this problem. Augments are stored as items when bought or found, but in order to be used they must be activated in the inventory of an agent (and can then no longer be removed) . It carries the same restrictions as Augment use currently does, but it means you aren't forced to buy an augment with the agent you want to use it.


I think this restriction is a little daft given the nature of the game, and if they worked as described above, it would be much intuitive. If difficulty is an argument, it shouldn't be. There are much better ways to make the game more challenging; mechanics like this that feel like an oversight shouldn't be left as they are for that reason imo.

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