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  1. No, new game after the update. I don't even have an idea how to run a previous build
  2. No, in my case, Deckard had 3 slots total -- all used -- the aug (+1 move), the stunner and the cloaking rig. No empty slots.
  3. Hm. I started a few games and Deckard has 3 slots every time. Is it something with my system?
  4. For prisoners, you only get money after the mission. And from safes, it is often just not enough to upgrade the inventory during mission 1 (unless you sacrifice lots of other stuff), and sometimes, during mission 2, at least, at the start. Essentially, this means you have to shuffle items, drop something and backtrack. Edit: "Something", given the aug slots, is not a large choice, either. Usually, you have at most one droppable item as well -- stunner. Picking Banks now becomes essentially too big a bonus to start game -- no need to carry the keycard and a boost to Anarchy gets more money available.
  5. Yeah, obviously. I am talking first couple missions. You know, when you don't have money and opportunity to buy stuff yet. You can't get to artifacts on those yet. Because you need to get and carry a separate key now, remember?
  6. Holy <beep>. The whole augments thing got totally <bleep>ed up. Agents' abilities now taking slots in inventory really screws up things to the point running without Banks in initial team is almost impossible because there's just no place to put the cards. Cybernetic Labs also need one additional item... Namely, 11 feet pole. Seriously. Knock out for 3 turns, get random unremovable augment nerfing yet another inventory slot? Time to completely rethink inventory, actually separating augs and inventory. Maybe have augs work kinda like in Deus Ex -- have specific body locations where you can put each of them.