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Hello, We need help re installing don't starve :juggling:  we bought it from the website and now someone in our house uninstalled it  :mad-new:  and I really want to play don't starve :nightmare:


So PLEASE, someone help us i don't know how to re install if had before!


PS: We bought it from the website www.dontstarvegame.com  and some one in our house deleted the files :mad-new: !



                    ~Thanks for anyone who can answer or even looks at our question :love-struck: ~

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Check the email account you used when you bought it, there should be links. The subject line probably has the word "Humble" in it somewhere since that purchasing method goes through the Humble store.


If you can't find it, try going to https://www.humblebundle.com/ , make an account with the email you entered in when you bought the game (if you don't use the same email, this won't work), go to your library page by clicking the little down arrow next to your email in the upper-right corner when you're logged in, and then click on the + next to Claim Past Purchases to expand that. It should be there to claim, if it's not already listed in your library.


If that won't work, contact Klei directly ( LiveSupport@KleiEntertainment.com ) and include any helpful information you can, like the email address you bought it, the payment method, and the transaction number if you can find the email receipt.

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