Couple of Bad Ideas

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Hey, guys. Name's Ty, I lurk here now and again, but just now decided to create an account. Wanted to share a couple ideas that probably both suck and are not original.


-Wilbur be unlockable via cave system.

     Somewhere throughout the caves he is locked in a cage, and to unlock him from the cage and as a character, you must kill Splumonkeys until they drop a key for it, similar to how Webber works. A couple of other minor details I had thought up were that maybe the key is too large, and must be wielded as a weapon, and can't be stored. Also, when unlocking it, Wilbur kicks the gate open and jumps out of frame. The gate being swung open damages you by 1 just because.


-Wilbur as a character:

     The basic skills would pertain around him being able to befriend Splumonkeys as well as run slightly faster than Wilson does. Can also equip poop as a projectile and throw it at enemies. My idea on how this would work is that it would do a low amount of damage, but make weaker enemies lose aggro from you. Against other players, maybe it lowers sanity as well.

     The smaller things for Wilbur would be that he gets double hunger from bananas, and triple health. The other idea is that he contracts fleas or ticks over time, and can use the razor to "shave" them off (these would effectively be his "beard"). They can then be picked up and eaten, and probably restore hunger about the same amount as seeds. Additionally, possibly every few in-game hours, he can eat to produce poop himself (only while eating at full hunger).


-Wortox also unlockable in the cave system.

     I hadn't put much thought into this other than it having a Hell area near the bottom, but BeargerKiller77's idea ( ) for the Core actually seems pretty nice for it. Don't have any ideas on how Wortox could work as a character either.


-THE SEA! Kinda'. Not really.

     I like the idea of a water level, however going into open waters would really take away the feeling of being stranded on a strange island, and that would be really lame. My work around to this would be a mix between a pond and a cave. Break the rock on top and you can fish, or dive right on in.

     Being underwater would first and foremost completely drench you and everything you have on you that isn't waterproofed. Robots beware. Also while swimming, it takes twice as long to do actions (i.e. eat, craft, attack, maybe swim). Additionally, now you have to worry about breathing. For this I thought up a couple new items and entities.

     First up is the snorkel. You wear it as a headpiece. Simply makes you use oxygen slower. Maybe some of the smarter characters should acknowledge the fact that a snorkel doesn't help when completely submerged. Made out of reeds and other objects deemed suitable.

     Next would be the oxygen tank, worn on your body. Would greatly slow down oxygen use, and wouldn't break when depleted, similar to a Miner's Hat. Doesn't deplete if worn on land, but offers no benefit. Can be refilled with Bubbles.

     Bubbles could be gather at a crack in the floor. You get one bubble from it, and it regenerates bubbles after some time has passed. Along with filling the aforementioned Oxygen Tank, they can be eaten to restore oxygen outright. These could also be brought back on dry land and used to bubble items to waterproof them (bubbled items are unstackable). Can be used to craft a Bubblepack.

     The Bubblepack. Worn on the body. Holds only 6 items, but is both fireproof and waterproof. Though the main utility is that it would also act similarly to the snorkel, making oxygen levels go down slightly slower. When dropped on the ground, it floats ever so slightly. Can be attacked by mobs to pop it.


     The next problem with water caves would be light sources. Obviously fire wouldn't work, and fireflies couldn't be brought unless in a waterproof pack or bubbled, so a Miner's Hat may not be viable. To counteract this, there are a couple light sources in the water.

     The first would be a variation of Anglerfish. These would be neutral mobs that swim around providing some light. Could be killed for raw fish and their photophore (light on head). Are capable of defending themselves, but don't jump to defend others. Their light, combined with something like a rope, or maybe an underwater equivalent (an eel would be amusing), could be used to make a headgear similar to a Miner's Light. This would have a decently long durability but would only illuminate slightly more than a lighter.

     Next up would be glowing mushrooms. They all stay out regardless of time of day. These would be effectively the same as surface mushrooms when you cook/eat them, but also glow while planted or dropped. Would be fairly abundant on the first level of the cave. These would be crafted into waterproof torches, and would have a fairly long durability. Also would be as strong as an axe. There would be four types of these "torches."

     -Red Mushtorch: Uses three Glowing Red Shrooms to make a torch. Sacrifices durability for a very small health regen.

     -Green Mushtorch: Uses three Glowing Green Shrooms to make a torch. Sacrifices durability for a very slight hunger regen (effectively just slows hunger drain slightly).

     -Blue Mushtorch: Uses three Glowing Blue Shrooms to make a torch. Sacrifices durability for a very slight sanity regen.

     -Mushtorch: Uses one of each Glowing Shrooms to make a torch. Sacrifices any type of regen for extended durability and a larger light radius.


     Another randomly spawning entity would be a underwater heat vent, that glows red. Can be used to cook food underwater and keep warm.


     Somewhere in each level of the cave, there would be a plug (similar to a tub stopper) with a chain. You pull this to drain all of the water to the next level and to proceed deeper. On the floor you were just on, much of the aquatic life would die, and there would be a constant light rain.


     Other mobs would appear underwater, but I have no ideas for this other than the aforementioned eels. Maybe you could come across frogs and Merms and the occasional Moleworm that digs into the cave. At the bottom, there would be some sort of boss. Possibly a Merm King.


     I would imagine WX-78 wouldn't have an O2 meter, but this still wouldn't help much with the water damage.


-New Character: Werm?

     Horrible name aside, it would be a playable Merm. He/she would be very resistant to the cold, and suffer no downsides from being wet (however would overheat much faster/easily than other characters). It could build Merm houses as well as befriend Merms, while sacrificing the ability to befriend Pigs. Frogs would also become neutral mobs. Lesser ability would be water breathing.



I probably had more that I left out, not being able to type as fast as I can think. As I said, probably bad, but would love to hear thoughts or criticisms


Totally understand if Tl; Dr.

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Well i think that the addition of new character would be too much . There are many characters just now and i believe Klei wouldn't add more. 


On the other hand i think the sea thing could be a good idea. Not in regards of the possibility of going underwater to discover new stuff since it would be too complicated, but i agree that there should be the possibility of making holes to reach the sea under the soil.


Having said this, in order to make this there should be some spots in the world (such as cracks in the soil ) where the player can reach the sea by breaking the surface of the world. Once there the player should be able to fish (probably new types of fishes ) but overall to gather water for summer.



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