[Gameplay] - Rewinding to World Map Removes"Final Mission"

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Rewinding to World Map Removes"Final Mission"

Issue Description: I had a game-ending bug in the last build of the game (the one where hacking drones causes a crash to desktop) so I left my file alone for a few days for the new build. Now that it's out, I loaded up the save file, and it rewound to the world map, with a popup indicating that this was for consistency - so far so good. However, upon reaching the world map, it looked like the attached image. There is nothing to click on and no way to proceed.

Steps to Reproduce: I have not reproduced the bug at this time. Causing it to appear the first time was done by loading the file, which was overwritten when I quit the game, so I cannot easily provide that save file, either.

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