I'm The Greatest Agent Ever!

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This is post of my great experience on one level. If that's not your cup of tea move on. Also "Greatest Agent Ever" is tongue in cheek, I'm not the best but felt like a rockstar after this mission. 


So let me set the scene. Fresh build so I want to start a fresh game on normal, endless. Of course Banks and Internationale. First mission is Detention Centre, Very Guarded. Rock on!


Got most of level discovered and hacked, rescued Deckard and leaving room. Adjacent room has a door with red light coming out of it. Didn't need to but my training said I should close that just in case. Oh yeah dummy, guard see's that and is going to investigate. No problem, Banks go hide behind door with taser. Dammit armour level 1.


This is when things go downhill. O.K. Banks can't be saved, gotta find a NanoFab and get some medigel. Yes! Found one but has level 3 hack with Daemon. Deckard you stay here with nothing in inventory and Internationale you go check out that last undiscovered room (greedy). At this point it's alarm level 4 and all the guards are actively looking. Internationale makes it to outside undiscovered room with 1 action point sharing a room with a guard that is going to turn around next turn. Jump in the undiscovered room for safety…..Dammit! Enforcer staring right at ya. Next turn she hits the floor like a sack of potatoes.  


So I walk away from the game in frustration. Maybe I shouldn't have gone for a Very Guarded mission for my first. I'll start over and be smarter next time. So what the heck lets just play this out till the English broad says "Bloody Hell", I don't have a chance. 


So it's all up to Deckard and he has nothing in his pockets. I buy the medigel, can see Banks on the floor in the next room and wait for my moment. With 3 guards in the room I see my chance and revive her. We get back to the NanoFab room and high five each other. Lets get you a weapon Deckard. Only dart gun for $1000 but I'm short cash. Sell everything you don't need. Banks' custom knockout juice for $200, don't want to but got to if I'm gonna get out of this jam. WHAT? it doesn't give me any money for that? Stupid buggy game! (Deckard was selling it). Fine then! Deckard you stay here with the medigel just in case while Banks plays it safe and finds an unguarded path to Internationale. BANKS! I said play it safe not play Russian roulette with a Captain. She's on the floor again. 


Deckard yells through the door "DO YOU REALIZE IT TAKES 10 TURNS FOR THIS MEDIGEL TO RECHARGE?". Banks doesn't care, she's in dreamland. I play hide and seek with Deckard for more than 10 turns but finally rescue her again. "O.k. we're sticking together on this one win or lose". Banks (and me) says "whatever I don't even care about this mission anymore".


We eventually make it to Internationale and wake her up. She pooped her pants which was kinda embarrassing but we had no time to dwell on that. We knock out two guards on our way to the elevator and before we get out of there Internationale hacks the PA system and tells the whole building "You clowns just got played by the greatest spies that you'll never have the chance to lock up" She said with a smug smile. Deckard and Banks just held their noses. 


So that's my story and I'm sticking to it. It took 2 hours, over 50 turns and was so, so satisfying.


If you have a whale of a tale then post it here so we can all enjoy :) 



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Great run, if a little chaotic, more Marx Brothers than James Bond! Good job, though and a tribute to the myriad possibilities the game offers to a player who REALLY wants to get his team out alive.

I have never seen the poop in pants animation. I live in hope.

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