[Crash] - Tutorial crashes to desktop when I obtain neural disrupter

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Bug Submission:

Category: Crash

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Tutorial crashes to desktop when I obtain neural disrupter

Issue Description: The game crashes to desktop when I pick up the Neural Disruptor in the tutorial level. This crash happens consistently every time I perform these steps.

If you restart the game and attempt to load your save slot, you see your previous game overlaid with an error in a menu dialogue:

"There was an error loading:

.\sim/simquery.lua:1237: attempt to perform arithmetic on field '?' (a nil value) Do you want to try loading from the start of"

(The message is cut off, presumably due to not enough space in the menu dialogue.)

It is not possible to start a new game, even in a new slot, unless you exit the game and start it again, and start a new game in an empty save slot. At that point you can follow these steps again to reproduce the crash.

This form isn't letting me attach invisibleinc.txt ("Upload Skipped (Error403)"), but I have attached DxDiag and here is a pastebin for invisibleinc.txt:


Steps to Reproduce: 1. Start a new game (any save slot, it doesn't matter)

2. Wake up Deckard

3. Walk and end turn

4. Approach door and peek

5. Enter the next room and approach the storage locker containing the Neural Disruptor

6. Open the storage locker and select the Neural Disruptor

The game crashes to desktop.

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