"No weapons" Challenge completed (final mission video inside)

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I decided to do a challenge (with inspiration from a friend) and some inspiration from the forums here.


Here's the rules I used:

The only allowable weapon type device is an EMP.

That's it!

That means: no tasers, guns, darts, door traps, etc...

You can use lasers, turrets, infrared, the cloaking K.O. things if you so wish, I used a couple turrets and a laser (which may or may not have irreparably damaged Deckard).

If anyone is interested, here's the video of the final mission of story mode from the challenge (I took the video from my stream, so it's got some random chatter about nothing as well as a few "oh ____" moments, but it was a blast!).


For those preferring the split up video on Youtube:

The third part is here, as you can't post 3 videos in the same post:


For those preferring the full length video on Twitch:



It was a crazy run, ending up with a new highscore, and a few lucky breaks (final mission not being Senkaku and a lot of really good missions)  I rescued both Shalem 11 and Deckard, and they both died before their time, which I blame Banks for, she's just such a go getter, I think she may have had a hand in their untimely deaths.


Be warned, the video is 44 minutes long, as you have to kind of bait and switch a lot without weapons, taking 3-4 turns to do a lot of the things you would do in 1 turn.


If you decide to do this challenge, let us know how it's going, and what you learn!  You will learn how to distract guards better than you currently do, I guarantee that!

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