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  1. Hacking an obake or akuma drone close enough to a null drone (or any unit without armor) will allow you to shoot and kill that unit.
  2. I have definitely used a drone (in past updates) to kill null drones. not recently though.
  3. I believe you're not supposed to be able to stim the prisoner, so I personally don't use it, not sure if this is true or just something random that got stuck in my head, similar to the "bioshot is supposed to refill every 3 or 5 turns" idea that's stuck in my head. Anywho, congratulations J20hawkz! I hope there are more successful story modes in your future, and while I agree that there should be somewhat more challenging story modes, I would rather see more content updates, to play around with new toys . Again, congratulations!
  4. I find armored guards to be completely avoidable through tactics, you might not be able to get the extra money or passkeys etc from them, but you can definitely avoid most bad situations (though this does require some game knowledge and proper planning/execution). Drones do complicate missions a bit though, and have less ways of being distracted, especially if nulls are involved. You might be better served by testing stealth and distractions in the long term, figuring out how to distract guards through running, walking through their noticed areas, opening doors etc. than relying on having armor piercing, though armor piercing is always nice to have, and is usually my 3rd priority in terms of what I spend my money on.
  5. I got my 3rd agent on day 6, no 4th yet by day 8, it seems to me much more rare to find agents in endless than in story mode, it's probably 100% bad RNG on my part, as there's not enough data to say whether or not it's actually more rare or not, but in my experience it's been much harder to find agents in endless.
  6. When you load into the game(if you can), go into incognita and take a screenshot and post it please.
  7. Those are definitely lasers and not infrared, it shouldn't be possible to walk into them without dying. It looks like some bugs are happening here, though it may just be that the screenshot was taken before death? or the lasers are de-activated but there's a graphical bug? Not really enough information to go on.
  8. You can get past the lasers by entering Incognita (hacking mode) by pressing spacebar, and hacking the lasers, then when they are completely hacked, turn them off in Incognita. Then proceed to the door on the bottom right of that room(with the lasers) & continuing normally.
  9. Can you submit another image with the room past the lasers explored? It's not explored in your screenshot, and is a definite area for further exploration. I mean the room south east of you, the one normal door in the laser room on the south-east wall of the laser room. Hack the lasers, and de-activate them, then explore that room to find out if it's indeed a procedural bug or just an obstacle you must overcome to get through the locked doors.
  10. This is not impossible to get through, unless the room past the lasers is an empty room, which if that is the case, and there's no guard with a passkey, would be a procedural generation bug. Without further exploring the door after the lasers, you can't really say whether or not there is a guard with a passkey in that room or in any further rooms.
  11. I agree. They said during the devcast that both easier and harder difficulties were being implemented, I personally can't wait for a harder difficulty. I just hope that they cater to both the people being frustrated by the game being too hard and the people that think it's too easy, which they said they are going to do with optional difficulty levels.
  12. My tips for a new player would be: Do a huge amount of testing, For example, 1) guards can only hear you running if they are 5 blocks from you, sound traps can hear reloads and running from the same distance, 2)experiment with the cover system, a good spot to do this is as shown by my handy dandy ASCII diagram: where X is cover, and there is a guard that patrols the room, aggro him and get behind cover then see where you can walk to hidden squares by checking them one at a time. X X X X X X 3) Learn what items you should always buy in the shop if you don't have them and experiment with items. I have a bit of a running tier list/priority list of items in my head usually. 4) Learn what each mission offers and take them accordingly, you can find more info on the types of missions on the lower left box that pops up when selecting a mission. Early in the game you want to maximize your missions. My Mission priority without a four member team is: Detention > Executive > Nanofab (with 1200$ or more in bank) > Security = Vault > Server Farm > Nanofab (with less than 1200$ in bank). 5) Be very careful leaving the starting room on the first turn, if 3 guards patrol into the 1st room you entered and you're not behind cover, you can send your agent(s) to an early retirement they may not have deserved. 6) Close doors. It doesn't cost an actionpoint, and stops enemy line of sight, there's really no reason not to close doors, and it helps you more than you might think or notice. 7) Remember which rooms have guards, and at least have an estimate of which tiles are safe if you have the opportunity to observe them or peek a room they patrol through. 8) You probably don't use the run button enough, try it, it's amazing. 9) Items can be given to other agents, dropped, used on other agents, used on prisoners from your agent's inventory (Yeah, I'm looking at you Stim). 10) Stealth and Stim are probably the best things to invest in after armor piercing. 11) You can use the EMP item to K.O. drones. 12) The Bioshot pistol is worth saving 1200$ for, as well as the armor piercing augment (350$ I think?) 13) Shalem 11 is a great team member if you have trouble with drones, though I favor Banks+Internationale personally. 14) Find which programs you want and don't buy one you could do without, I personally use Fusion/Parasite to start, buy the first lockpick 1.0 I see, and end up wanting a daemon sniffer(tells you what the hidden daemon will do) and dagger(-3 firewalls for 1 PWR on a cooldown). You can't have more than 5 programs, and once you get them you can't change them. There's a bit more rattling around up here, though most of it is subjective. I hope any of this helps newer players, the main thing I would stress is experimentation, find out what limits there are, and what you can and can't do.
  13. There's no option in the vote for "I am basically satisfied but feel it needs tweaking in favor of the *Enemies*" I would have checked that box had it existed. Please don't grab your pitchforks guys, but I'm not really scratching my head anymore, so I think there needs to be an option for more difficulty.