Post-Mission 03 problems

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After many hours of falling at the first fence I am finally beginning to "get" it and can often win the first two missions. However, there are Mission 3 challenges that I am not sure how to meet. I was in over my head on a Very Guarded mission 03:


- I started with 1 power (using Fusion and Lockpick 1.0) and immediately find cameras I don't have the power to hack in the two rooms leading from the spawn that I have to get through.  I cannot hack the cams so I take the consequences of tripping them but this brings three guards and one armored guard and I am soon doomed.  Given that we cannot change the initial Incognita loadout, how do you ninjas deal with an initial power allocation of 1 if you run into a must-hack before you can get at a power boost?


- I think I need to learn how to manage the game's economy as well as the game itself.  In other words, I wasn't equipped to deal with armored guards and had no option but to avoid them.  Do you recommend stocking up on anti-armor gadgets before taking on a Very Guarded mission?  I am deploying Deckard and Banks, no Shalem yet.


As always, many thanks for your wise counsel.


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And now you understand the dangers of Fusion. I think it was best mentioned here  If that strategy is too difficult to understand ATM, you might want to use another program besides Fusion until later. 


And yes, you need either to buy AP weaponry or augments ASAP. 


In future career runs consider running detention missions first for another agent chance then planning missions for more mission selections, then vault missions for the remainder and have the team to do so. 

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- Your PWR carries over missions. That's why people who know this wait in the elevator: to charge their PWR to the fullest extent. You can deal with this situation by scanning (the skill Internationale has) and finding a console that way. Or use an item that allows to break through the ICE for no PWR cost. I am not sure if it works on the cameras that are placed in the corner though (never tried, nor am I sure if Internationale can use item at range)... Cloak can be used for one or more agents to slip through and start discovering the layout before you will get enough PWR to bring the camera down.


- Yes. Try to get AP weaponry as soon as you can. There is no telling when you will need it. Having an extra AP is always handy.

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