[General] - Minor AI bug - Laser Gates + Doors

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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Minor AI bug - Laser Gates + Doors

Issue Description: I had a mission earlier today that had a room with a laser gate on the same wall as a door. There was a Guard on the other side of the laser gate that noticed my Agent's presence, and attempted to move in. However, instead of going through the door to his right, he tried to go through the laser gate instead, and stopped one square away from it. One turn later, another guard also noticed my Agents in the next room, and he also moved up to look through the laser gate, rather than going through the door. This continued on for several turns, with the guards failing to realize that they would never reach their Interest target by going through the laser gate, but that they had a perfectly viable path by going through a door just a few steps away.

I apologize that I don't have a DXDIAG, screenshot, or game data to provide - that mission was just before heading to work.

Steps to Reproduce: 1.) Have a room with both a normal door and a laser gate.

2.) Don't hack the laser gate.

3.) Let a guard see your Agent (or notice a door opening/closing) through the laser gate.

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