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One Agent Challenge

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Styro    13

I am going to try to complete the game using one agent. Anybody else interested in trying?


Here are my rules:

1. Do the first mission moving only one agent (you can move the second agent once in the initial room to a better hiding place if you want).


2. Once the the first agent has left in the elevator, kill off the second agent.


3. The first agent is NOT allowed to take the starting inventory of the second agent.


4. If you gain other agents later (from detention missions) they must not survive the mission they are found on.


What agent would you choose?


I am torn between Deckard for his Cloak, Internationale for her wireless scanner, and Banks for the unlocking and paralysis. I think Internationale might be the best for this challenge because of the scanning and not having to waste moves going up to terminals.


Any thoughts or suggestions?


If you want to accept the challenge, tell us which agent you will try with and why. And let us know your progress.

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Styro    13

This is proving to be pretty interesting. I have successfully completed 3 missions so far with Internationale.


I started with Decker and Internationale. Mission 1 was a Vault mission. I left Decker in the entry room and Internationale wandered the map. The layout was not friendly (it was the large entry room with columns and it had three doors leading out on different walls). The alarm was around 3 already before I found the vault and I still had not located the elevator. While clearing the vault the alarm got up to 4 and I ended up cornered in the vault room. I had to kill about 4 guards with the lasers before I was able to leave and by that time the alarm was at 6, but I was able to find the elevator and escape. Deckard was killed by a guard while Internationale was stuck in the vault.


Mission two was another vault level. This one ended up being fairly easy because the vault room and elevator were somewhat close to the entrance. I did not kill any guards and got out before the alarm even reached level 3.


Mission 3 was a detention mission. I only chose that mission because it was the only GUARDED mission left. All the others had higher difficulty ratings. I really did not want to do a detention mission because I knew it would either mean a slow hostage or an agent I would have to let die. It ended up being a hostage. My game almost ended early in the mission when a pacing guard walked into the room I had just entered. Fortunately I happened to end my movement behind a terminal. I have to be more careful because I do not have another agent to revive Internationale if she goes down.


I found the elevator pretty quickly but did not find the hostage room until the alarm was at level 3. In order to get to the elevator I had to take the hostage through 6 rooms which had very little furniture to hide behind. I ended up with two really lucky turns where guards happened to turn one way when the other way would have ended it for the hostage. I also found a stim in a safe which I used twice on the hostage. The extra 4 movement helped him to get through a particularly important door each time.


I am finding that the time pressure is enormous. With only one agent to scout around I have to keep the alarm level as low as possible for as long as possible. I have to advance quickly, but I also have to make sure to stay behind cover in case a guard wanders in the room. Once the advanced guards start wandering around things get really dicey. Next will be my first VERY GUARDED mission.

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Palpetinus    839

Hm, I sometimes find it easier to have only one agent, at some certain parts atleast.


I've done many missions with only one simply because the other died, it's easier to avoid guards like that.

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JamesFactory    26

I would probably use Banks, I might give it a go soon, my Endless run is close to perfect runs back to back, 100% loot/exploration. I think banks would be my go-to for this, as I don't really use terminals except on extremely guarded and even then it's pretty rare.  The alarm increase and no power on a botched hack is a chance I rarely if ever take.

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Styro    13

The only VERY GUARDED mission available was a Security Dispatch, which is OK because I love getting new toys.


The entry was the large room with pillars. A quick scan in the entry area showed me a safe, a turret, and its power supply. The turret had a daemon (dang!). I hacked all three hoping for the best with the daemon, but it raised the alarm by 3! Not a good start. After 1 turn I am already at alarm level 1. On turn 2 I accidentally drew the attention of a patrolling guard so I had to stun him. Bad luck again - no passcard.


The turret and guard rooms were just a 3-room dead end and the safe only had money. That accounted for 3 of the doors exiting the entry room, but there were 3 more. This looked like it could be a really spread out level. I went across the entry to a group of two doors and behind the first was just a small room with a locked door, but behind the other was a large room (bunk beds) with the elevator. At least I now have an escape in case things continue to go poorly.


I explored the large room and found two more safes and a camera database. That will come in handy. Also another locked door. Alarm just got to level 2.


The safes held a little money and Corp Intel. More exploring showed me a room with a guard facing the door and another room with another locked door. Peeking through the locked door shows me the advanced tech safe. I really need a passcard. The alarm will hit 3 in one turn and there is a guard entrance right near the elevator (and me). I really want the advanced tech so I am going to try to get a passcard from one of the two guards I guess.


The new guard appeared in a different entrance one room away. I open the door to draw the stationary guard. I hope this works and is worth it.


The guard was drawn out and I stunned him. Bingo! Passcard! The wandering guard entered the large room but is on the other side of the bunk beds and is not looking my way. I am able to cross the room and go through a door to the room with the locked door leading to the advanced tech. I forgot to start a Parasite on the safe when I first saw it, but fortunately I have Dagger so I use that to immediately unlock it. Next turn I get to the safe and open it. Awesome luck! A Paralyzer I and a Neural Disrupter III! Now I just need to get back past the wandering guard and now awake guard to get to the elevator.


Walking back towards the elevator I see that things are getting out of hand. The guard I had stunned on round two has found his way across the entrance room and is now standing in front of the elevator and headed my way. The alarm level has hit 4 and the new enforcer is appearing right across from the elevator. The only good news is that the other wandering guard ran off to investigate some other sound.


I at least have one guard and one enforcer to deal with to reach the elevator. I may also have the passcard guard somewhere. I crouch behind a bunk bed, cross my fingers, and hit End Turn.


Another round of excellent luck! The earlier guard ran past me and the enforcer ended up facing away from me and the elevator. The passcard guard was nowhere to be seen. I was able to walk past them and into the elevator. One more mission successfully down and with some great loot!

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Rafti    11

Well, it ended up in the worst fashion on mission 2 !

I actually make a lot of mistake because I have trouble accepting that I won't cover 100% of the map, so I try to go too fast !


That was fun, I'll try again on saturday !

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Styro    13

Day 2, 29 hours remaining.


I only have 4 missions to choose from - all HEAVILY GUARDED. Two are Detention Centers, one is a Server Farm, and the last is Executive Terminals. I have plenty of cash so I am going to go with the Server Farm.


I start in the small 6x6 room with two doors out. A quick scan does not reveal anything so I move to the first door and peek through - elevator! This is my lucky day. It is in a small room with one other door. I peek through that door and see another room with three more doors (one on each side) and a regular guard and an elite security with heavy armor. I crouch next to the door and wait to see what they do. Both guards are roaming and both head through the far door. One of the other doors is near me so I walk into the now empty room and peek through. A long room with a desk and a couple chairs with a door at the far end. That door leads to an empty dead-end.


I head back to the room that had two guards. There is only one there now - the regular guard. I wait to see what he does. He again heads through the same door and the elite security comes back in. The elite has his back to me so I peek through the door they are going through. Inside is the regular patrolling guard, another regular guard, and another elite security guy. They are guarding the server farm.


I observe the guards' movement for another turn and I'm pretty sure that I can evade detection in the server room. I hide behind one of the machines and wait for the two patrolling guards to leave. I then stun the remaining regular guard.


I walk over to the server farm and pick-pocket the elite security on my way. In my excitement to get to the server I realize that I forgot to paralyze the guard that I KO'ed. Hopefully that will not come back to haunt me. The server does not have much variety - Oracle, Hammer, Parasite, and Hammer. I buy Oracle and Hammer. At this point I realize that I miscalculated and do not have enough AP to get back to my hiding spot. There are a couple of places I can try nearby, but I am unsure about the angle of approach of the two moving guards. Then I remember my Stim. That allows me to get out of the server room, and out of the next room where the roaming guards go. I am now in a dead-end area, but I should be able to get out without problem.


I wait a couple turns for the room to clear of patrolling guards and then head to the elevator room. I would really like to explore the second door from the entrance room, but the KO'ed guard is going to wake up and then all four of those guards are going to come after me. I decide it is better to head to the elevator and safety.


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Styro    13

Day 3, 18 hours remaining


Only Heavily Guarded and Extremely Guarded missions to choose from, so I'm going with a Heavily Guarded KO Security Dispatch mission.


Start room is the large one with pillars again. I see two doors and a locked door. Scanning only shows an inactive camera.


The first door leads to a dead-end empty room. I walk towards the second door, saving 1 AP for another scan which comes up empty.


As I get to the second door I see a third door which was behind the entrance elevator. This map could be really spread out.


Door number two also hides an empty room. Maybe this level isn't spread out after all. A scan by door 3 also comes up empty.


A peek through door 3 shows a wide room with a terminal. That reminds me that I bought Oracle last mission. I use it once and nothing happens but it now shows "no remaining uncaptured". What? A level with no active cameras?


The room behind door 3 wraps around to the locked door and it has two other doors leaving it - one on each end. I peek through the one closest to me and see a turret and a safe with a daemon. There is also a guard immediately behind the door. I do not want to have to KO him yet, so I head to the other door.


Alarm level 1. And the Daemon knocks out Incognita for 3 turns.


Through the other door I see a guard entrance and a terminal. Other than that it is empty with no exits. I will have to go back through the door with the guard. I'm a little low on power so I try to hack it and find the unwelcome security message. I have little need for money now so I attempt a bribe and it pays off. Alarm is reduced by 3.


The turret is now hacked and I realize that because I could not see the power, it is now active and will shoot the guard I saw earlier. Bad news. My alarm is going to start going up quick! Glancing back over there I see that another guard has entered the room. Either he was a wandering guard or the turret's LOS made him visible.


On the guards' turn, stationary guard just sits there so he does not get shot and the other guard must be patrolling. He just walks away. He must have been just on the edge of the turret's range.


I open the door which draws somebody's attention. I can't imagine that the patrolling guard is facing this way so maybe there was a third guard in the room. I stun the guard behind the door and stick him with my paralyzer. I drop my ammo so I can pick up the passcard the guard was carrying.


I close the door and wait to see what happens. There is a third guard and also a fourth guard. Two of them have Heavey Armor 2. I hope the turret can take care of them.


The three guards slowly approach the turret but neither gets shot. But there is still some red showing behind the door. I open it from a different angle and see that there is second turret. Fortunately, Incognita is back up and I start a parasite on the new turret.


The guards shoot my first turret without it shooting any of them. So much for that plan. I take advantage of the fact that the guards are looking at my turret to walk across the room, using my stim up to get behind some cover. I use my Dagger to hack the power supply of the second turret so I can turn it off. I do not want to draw the guards in my direction.


Most of the guards stay around the turret but one of the heavily armored guards comes directly towards me. He ends his movement one space short of having his vision cone cover my hiding place.


I am hidden next to a terminal and behind me are two locked doors. I peek through the first one and find the elevator out! Hooray! I go through the door and peek through the door leading from that room to see another guard. This place is busy. I think he is a patrolling guard so I will let him wander back out and I will scout around a bit more before leaving.


Change of plan. The guards are converging on my elevator room, so I am going to beat a hasty retreat rather than risk getting caught.


That mission was a bust, but at least I am still alive. Only one more mission to go before the final one.

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Styro    13

Day 3, 6 hours remaining. I am surprised that I have lasted this long.


There is only one Heavily Guarded mission - FTM Nanofab - so I am taking that one. There is no way I want to do an Extremely Guarded mission.


The entrance is the 6x6 room with only one door out. Through that door is a small room with two doors - one of them locked. I use Oracle to take control of 3 cameras. They are pretty scattered but I find a safe in one room and an elite guard in another.


I hack a console to recover some of my power and of course I get the security message. I am $9 short of trying to bribe, so I try the hack for my last 2 power. It worked but I do not get any other benefit. Was hoping it would unlock the doors or something.


Peeking through the unlocked door shows me a long room with three doors leading out. One is locked and one of the others leads to the room with the guard.


Two patrolling guards come into the large room and one notices when I open the door. I hate to waste turns but I also hate to start drawing attention to myself this early by stunning a guard. I think I will hide, let them investigate, and hope they go back to patrolling. On the other hand I really do not want to waste at least 2 turns. I'm just going to stun and paralyze him and hope that buys me enough time.


No passcard. :( Entering the large room shows that it continues around a corner with at least one more door as an exit. A patrolling guard walks through the view of one of my other captured cameras.


I go across the large room and through the first door. It is a dead-end room with a guard entrance. I can now try to get past the elite guard or try one of the other doors. I spot two more guards (one elite) and a laser wall the other direction. Sneaking past the elite guard looks the best option right now. I enter the room he is in and hide behind a desk to wait for him to exit the room.


Alarm level 1.


I sneak up behind the elite guard and nab some cash and a passcard. The room has a couple terminals and leads to a room with a safe protected by a daemon. I am getting low on power so I risk hacking another console. Another security message! Even though I now have enough money for a bribe it does not give me that option so I attempt to hack for 2 power. I am successful again and this time it unlocks the security doors. Nice! I put a parasite on the daemon safe and hide behind a desk so the elite will not see me as he leaves.


The daemon raises the alarm level by 1. That is probably the best result. The safe has cash and intel. I now need to get out of this dead-end branch and back to the big room. I hide behind a desk for when the elite comes back into the room. After he enters the room, I go back to the small room where I first saw him and hide behind the desk there. Next turn I will re-enter the big room. It looks like the guard I KOed at the beginning is awake will start searching for me.


Alarm level 2.


I get halfway through the big room and hide behind a desk. I use Oracle to take over another camera but I still have no sign of the elevator or the nanofab.


A patrolling guard's peripheral vision cone actually passes over me but I am unseen. That was close. KO guard enters the big room and starts searching. His next investigation point is right next to the desk I am hiding behind. I duck through the nearest door and it is a dead-end with a guard entrance. There is only one more door leaving the big room and the laser wall exit (which is now down). It looks like the door leads to the same place as the laser wall. Behind the laser wall is at least two patrolling guards. I hide against the wall and behind a cabinet right next to the door and laser wall. It uses all my AP so I cannot even peek through the door.


Bad luck. An elite guard ends his move with my spot in his vision cone. And the next investigation point is right next to my hiding spot. I can risk going through the door and attracting their attention, or I can stay put and hope I remain unseen. If I stay put the searching guard will likely be right near me with me still in his vision cone so that will waste 2 turns. With 3 patrolling guards and 1 searching guard around me I really do not want to attract attention. But I cannot risk sitting still for two turns.


I open the door, drawing the elite's attention, and walk through. It does indeed lead to the same large area that the laser wall does. There are 3 doors leaving this area. One to the right of me and two straight ahead, near a safe. One of the patrolling guards goes between the laser wall and the door to the right and the other goes between the two doors ahead. I am going to head towards the one on the right and hide behind a desk so the patrolling guard and elite do not see me. I have just enough AP to peek through the door and spot the elevator. Hurray! Now I have to decide if it is worth exploring a little more and running the gauntlet past the guards to get to that safe and whatever other goodies might be behind those two other doors. Oracle tells me there are no more cameras to take over. I'll see what happens on the guard turn.


Looks like my decision has been made for me. Patrolling guard ended his movement with the door to the elevator room in view. The elite did not open the door by the laser wall thankfully. But the next investigation point is right in front of the door to the elevator room. I am going to have to backtrack around patrolling guard and lie low while the searching guard and elite wander through here. I have to use my stim to get clear across the room and into cover between some desks by the two doors and the safe. The desks should protect me from both the patrolling guard ahead of me and the two searching guards behind me.


I nab some money from the safe and peek through door #1. That nanofab! Since I am here I might as well check it out. I use Dagger to clear the firewall and enter the room. The nanofab has all sorts of goodies, but nothing I can afford is particularly useful to me. I was really hoping for a cloaking device or another paralyzer. I use almost all my remaining cash to grab a neural phaser and some ammo. Those will be handy since I have never found a ranged weapon yet during this game.


Alarm level 3.


Patrolling guard is looking right at the door to the nanofab room so I will have to wait a turn before I can leave. The investigating elite did not find anything when he looked through the door so it looks like he is going back to his patrol. KO guard's next point of interest is inside the elevator but I should be able to take care of him no problem if I can get across this large room with the two patrolling guards.


Well, searching guard's next investigation point is right in my two-desk hiding spot. And he can definitely reach it this turn. The only other place I can hide from all these guards is another desk heading in the direction away from the elevator. I think I am going to head for my two-desk spot and just go into melee overwatch to take this guy down again. As long as he comes at me from the left side (which is the side he is on) I should be fine.


That did not turn out as I had expected. The guard came at me at an angle and stopped one square away at a diagonal so I did not get to stun him and he is looking right at me. The patrolling elite is also looking this direction through the laser wall so I cannot get across to the elevator room.


I move over to the right side of the desk and let the guard move. This time he goes around the other direction and I end up in the same boat. Whatever. I now have a clear path to the desks by the elevator room door so I go across the room and crouch behind the first desk.


After the guards move I make a hasty retreat to the elevator.

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Styro    13

Day 4, 0 hours remaining.


This is it - the final mission. Frankly, I am very surprised to have made it this far, particularly on my first try. Of course a lot of it comes down to luck - how the layout of the missions is or how the guards move. But this shows it certainly is possible to complete the game after losing an agent.





Dang, it's Sankaku. I hate them and their drones.


I start in a 3x5 room with one door. I start Fusion and do a scan. One safe with a daemon that I am not going to mess with a nd a sound bug. I start a Parasite on the bug and approach the door. On the other side is a long skinny room with two doors at the other end - one locked. I hide behind some machinery halfway down in case a guard decides to pop in and do another scan. The scan reveals two more sound bugs and a camera with a firewall of 4. I start Parasites on the bugs. I use Dagger on the camera and then start a Parasite on it. My power is draining fast, but I use an Oracle which nabs me a camera in the room behind the locked door. That is the room with the safe and the first sound bug. There are also two other doors leaving that room.


On my next turn I approach the unlocked door at the end of the hallway. Peeking through shows me that the floor is all red. It may be the sound bug that I have not finished hacking yet. Scanning does not reveal anything else so I just end my turn hoping the bug is the source of the red.


Once the bug is mine it reveals a drone in the room. I use Hammer to hack the drone so I do not have to waste more turns waiting and move it into a dead-end room. Hopefully it will stay there.


There are two other doors leaving from the drone room besides the one I entered through and the drone dead-end. Behind the first is a hallway with two more locked doors and a third door which is one of the doors behind the first locked door I saw. I can use that path to get behind the first locked door. Before that I will check out the second door. It looks like it hides a hallway with two more doors and two consoles. I will leave those alone unless I get desperate for power.


Behind the closer of the two doors is a room with a camera that I start Parasiting. I then crouch behind a terminal and do a scan which does not reveal anything more.


Alarm level 1. A camera is becoming active in my hallway, so I start a Parasite and head to the second door. Behind it is a small room with a safe. I cannot make it all the way back to the drone room (and the drone has moved back into that room anyway) so I hunker down in the safe room while I wait for my camera hacks to finish. I start Fusion again. I am down to 4 power.


The first camera is hacked and shows an empty dead-end. Looks like I will have to go past the drone and by the locked doors. I use Oracle and it gives me the camera in the hallway that I would have finished hacking next turn anyway. Nuts.


I decide to not wait for the safe and head back into the hallway. I risk one console and get 4 power. I use Oracle again but it does not appear to have given me any new camera. I check the other console and get the security message. I attempt the hack and it succeeds and opens all the locked doors! Excellent luck!


I peek back into the drone room but cannot see it and the floor is not red. A scan reveals that it has moved back to its original position but I have no interface to hack it. Hopefully it will not notice me next turn moving through the room.


I enter the hallway with the three doors (two previously locked). Behind the first is a room with a guard facing the door. There is another door beyond him. I crouch behind some machinery in the hallway to end my turn.


Behind the second door is another guard who is facing away and a camera. I start a Parasite on that camera. While that is working I will head toward the room with the safe and bug I detected from my start room and check behind the door out of there.


Behind that door is a long room with two laser walls and 2 doors leading out. The second laser wall has a firewall of 4 and a daemon. I use Dagger on the first laser wall so I do not have to wait for two turns. I will use Hammer on the daemon wall if I need to bust it but I do not want to risk the daemon yet.


Behind the first door is another laser wall and another drone. I start a hack on each. I think I will head back to the room with the guard and camera now. I am down to 1 power.


Alarm level 2.


I risk another console and get 4 power. I crouch in the hallway outside the guard room and end my turn. It took one extra turn to hack the camera because of the alarm level going up. The guard is patrolling so he will also be out of the room next turn.


There are two other doors in the room. The one to the right, where the guard goes, leads to the room with the laser wall and drone. I don't have enough AP to get to the other door, peak, and return to safety, so I crouch behind a desk in the middle of the room and wait for the guard to return. I use Oracle twice. I get a distant camera showing an empty room and a camera in the drone/laser room. I risk another console and get security. I do not have enough money for a bribe and so try to hack and am unsuccessful. The alarm raises by 2. I am now down to 2 power and try another console. This one is friendly and I get 5 power.


The drone hack is now complete. I can see that the patrolling guard in the drone room is a different one from the patrolling guard in my room. The drone room guard is an elite, armored, KO resistant guard. The non-patrolled door out of my current room is a dead-end. It looks like I will have to go through the laser walls. I use Hammer on the daemon laser wall and it raises all firewalls by 1.


I use the drone to scout into the room that the two patrolling guards enter. There is an IR laser wall with a daemon and a strength 6 firewall. I think beyond the IR wall is a guard spawn point and a path to the distant camera room I got with Oracle. I intend to start a Parasite but forget that I had Hammer selected. I just blew through the rest of my power and did not complete the hack. I only have one more turn of Fusion so I will not have enough power to start it again. This is bad. The only other console I have visible is in the distant camera room. I crouch behind my desk and cry.


Alarm level 3.


The new guard enters near the IR wall where I left the drone. I start to make my way back toward the long room with the two laser walls that are now down. If I am lucky I will find the elevator and at least be able to escape alive.


I reach the end of the laser wall room and search the safe. $400 and some corp intel. I would give all my money for 2 power. The door at the end of the room is next to the safe but I do not have enough AP to make it. I crouch next to the safe and wait.


Drone #2 is heading towards me, but I am pretty sure it is on a patrol pattern. I peek through the door near the safe and see another safe but cannot make out anything else. I open the door and it is a dead-end. The only way open to me now is past the drone, the two patrolling guards, and the new wandering guard. I also have to use 1 of my last 3 power to put a Parasite on the IR wall. I save Dagger for an emergency.


I decide to try to avoid the elite guard and the drone and approach the IR wall through the room with the normal patrolling guard. It takes me two turns to get over to that room. In the mean time, the IR wall is hacked and the daemon raises the alarm by 2.


Alarm level 4.


I peek through the door into the IR wall room and there is red floor everywhere. This is not looking good. A scan does not reveal anything so it must be all guards. I hide next to the door so the patrolling guard will not notice me and cross my fingers.


The two patrolling guards left the area (the one walking right past me as I had hoped). A new elite guard has spawned just beyond the IR wall. The earlier spawned guard is facing away from me beyond the spawn room. I cross the area and crouch behind some machinery near the first spawned guard. There are two doors at the end of the room with the two spawned guards and a sound bug between them.


Two more patrolling guards enter the room and walk past me. The newly spawned elite guard goes rushing back past the IR wall. I wish it was a laser wall so I could lock them all behind me. I peek through the door closest to me and see another IR wall and one of the patrolling guards, a drone, and the exit. I get excited until I realize that the exit does not open until the hostage has been secured. 


I hide next to the guard spawn point and then realize that the patrolling guards will see me. I am going to have to use my stim and hope I can make it to safety. I can't make it back behind the machinery, only next to it, and I cannot remember where all the guards went. I wish there was a way to replay the guard movement. I can either go next to the other door and crouch behind a safe, or go next to the machinery and hope none of the guards look that way. But if a guard comes through the door I will be toast next to the safe. I choose the machinery.


I get noticed by one of the guards, but it turns out that I would have been noticed either way. At least the machinery gives me more options. I duck behind the machinery. I work my around to the other side and stun the patrolling guard on that side, paralyzing him and dragging him behind the machinery so the body will not draw the attention of the other patrolling guard. I am hopeful that when the guard that spotted me comes behind the machinery that I will again be able to slip away by using the machinery as cover. Or I can shoot him with my neural phaser.


Alarm level 5.


I am toast. I have drawn the attention of all the guards apparently. My machinery hiding place is surrounded on three sides by guards - one regular, 2 enforcers, and 2 elite armored. All I can really do is make a run for it I think. If I shoot the regular guard I will only have to go through one space in the peripheral vision of one of the enforcers. It all depends on if he notices me. Of course I also have to run right over the sound bug...


I shoot the guard and safely make it over to the other door. I peek through and an enforcer is staring right at the door. I have nowhere to hide and I cannot shoot the enforcer because I have already used my attack and my stim is still on cooldown. I decide to hide on the other side of the safe, directly facing the door that the enforcer will come through. My hope is that the other guards will not notice me and that I can shoot the enforcer on my next turn and then go through the door.


Wow! None of the guards noticed me. Most of them wandered back towards the IR wall. The enforcer did not come through the door. I am alive for another turn. A peek though the door shows that the enforcer was patrolling and went to another room. I can see his back. And the armored patrolling guard that enters this room has his back to me. I enter the room. There are three other doors that lead out. One that the enforcer went through which looks like a dead-end, one to the distant camera room, and one new door. The camera room and new doors are both in view of the armored guard. I will crouch behind some equipment and hope the armored guard leaves. I hack the console in the camera room and get the message about memes, money, or ammo. I don't think extra movement will help me at this point, and the money will be useless if I die. But I don't think I have any extra inventory slots. I choose ammo and hope the game does not crash. It does not crash (yet) and I notice the ammo has been put on the floor. I did get 5 power, so I start Fusion.


The armored guard does leave, but the enforcer rushes back into the room. Fortunately he has his back to me so I stun him and dump his body where I was hiding so the armored guard does not see him. With my remaining move I go into the camera room and close the door.


The armored guard has me trapped in the camera room so I wait another turn.


After the armored guard leaves I head into the other room. Finally the hostage! I take down the guard and free the hostage.


Alarm level 6.


My KOed enforcer is now awake and two new enforcers enter in the room right outside the hostage room door. I cannot leave right now so I drag the guard's body to the side and inject him with paralyzer. 


After two turns in the hostage room I can finally open the door. There are still three enforcers in the next room, but at least they are not looking directly at the door. There is no way I am getting this hostage out alive. I will have to stun one enforcer to get through the door to the IR wall room. After the enforcer is down and I can see into the IR room I see two more guards (heavy armor and enforcer) and a drone. The enforcer is right in the doorway. I use Hammer to hack the drone.


I use my stim on the hostage so I do not have to leave him in the room outside the hostage room with all the enforcers. Part of me thinks I should just use the hostage as a distraction so I can make my escape, but I have come so far, I have to at least try.


I use the drone to kill the enforcer, which allows us into the IR room. If all the other enforcers stay in the room behind us and the guards ahead of us don't look this way we might survive. I hide behind the machinery that saved my life earlier. I am right near the door to the exit room. The hostage crouches behind the safe. If an enforcer opens the door behind him we are probably both dead. I move the hacked drone as far away as possible.


The guards are almost all facing my direction, but the door behind the courier did not open. I shoot one of the guards with my phaser to limit the number of guys that can notice me. Unfortunately since I still have to step through a partially red spot to get through the door to the elevator room I am still noticed. That means they will come to that end of the room and surely spot the hostage, who is 1 AP shy of making it through the door to safety. I hide the hostage behind the machinery where Internationale was hiding and is now a point of interest for the guards (but still the best hiding place). Internationale makes it all the way to the elevator. I will wait one more turn to see if the hostage has a chance. One of the drones only has a 3 firewall so I use Dagger to hack it. Maybe that will create enough of a distraction to draw the guards away from the hostage.


Hmm. It seems obake drones do not have armor piercing ammo and all the guards it could reach are armored. Oh well.


The guards surround the machinery hiding the hostage and one of the enforcers enters the elevator room but does not see Internationale. With an enforcer between the hostage and the elevator and 2 drones and 4 other guards staring at his hiding place, I think the hostage is done for. I cannot risk losing Internationale so I am going to have to abandon him.


So long, buddy! Thanks for distracting the guards!

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Styro    13

That game ended up lasting much longer than I expected. I thought that only having one agent would basically make the game impossible, particularly after I got to the more difficult missions.


Since I got to the final mission (and was only one room away from successfully completing that mission) on my first try, I would say that pretty definitively shows that the game is entirely doable with one agent.


So don't give up if you lose an agent!

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