Favorite Spy Movie / TV Show?

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My favorite spy show of all times is Alias! I loved watching it growing up and if I could bring one element from the show to the game I'd say "location based soundtrack".


[spain] [Rabat]


I just think it would give so much more depth to the random locations on the map. In the show they'd also shift the white balance to warmer and colder tints depending on the location but since they're always indoors in the game that's not really relevant :)


What's your favorite spy movie or TV show and if you could bring one element of that show or movie to the game what would it be?

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I've always been a fan of the "Mission:  Impossible" TV show.

I think the game does a really good job of channeling the stealth/suspense aspects of that show, but it doesn't really play to the misdirection/con/disguise aspects of the show.


Perhaps they could add an operative who was a master of disguise?  Maybe able to steal an tased guard's identity for 2-3 turns?  with a 10 turn cooldown?  


Would that be OP?  I haven't played enough to know.

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