[General] - Loading a save crashs the game

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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Loading a save crashs the game

Issue Description: (English is not my mother tongue so sorry for my possible mistakes)

During a mission, the game crashed. Since, I can't load this game because it crashs instantly.

The first crash occured when I tried to hack a spider-like robot in Incognita mode.

Now, when I click on "Continue", I can see some walls for less than a second and the game crash. It seems to load and instantly crash.


You will find my save and logs in attached .zip file.

Steps to Reproduce: I have nothing to reproduce it but will give as much details as possible.

Story mode with 4 characters

3 days / 16 hours

First mission with this robots but had already hacked one before in the level.

The crash occurred exactly when I clicked on the "1" to hack the robot in Incognita mode.

This game is awesome by the way !

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in last mission i hacked with parasite..

2 drones. cant remember the name but one was

some kind of hack drone.

Hacked them both same time and..

then game just closed.


now i cant even load savegame cause it closes the game.

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