[Gameplay] - MAJOR Game Ender + Exploit

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: MAJOR Game Ender + Exploit

Issue Description: I had accidentally exited the game during an end turn move. It caused me to lose my characters completely (they aren't even on the map), it reveals the whole map, and it says turns daemons on some of the power usage options for 20 turns. So I have no option but to retire my agency as for saving and exiting then restarting doesn't work. This could also be used as an exploit since someone could backup there save after loading a level and use this to see the whole map. There is much more I could explain but it's easier to see for yourselves. I did lose the world but was able to immediately redo the bug so that world is attached.

Steps to Reproduce: To reproduce bug:

1. At any moment, end your turn.

2. Exit completely out of game with the red X (not by saving and quitting)during the guards' turn.

3. Start game up and open world - it will be bugged.

To use bug as exploit:

1. Backup the save file.

2. Open save (in-game) and do bug.

3. Take screen-shot of level and possibly watch guard patterns through turns.

4. Exit game and replace save with backup.

5. Play level using screenshot.

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