Story vs. Endless Mode

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Heya all!


I completed my first story play-through and now started my first endless game, however I fail to see any difference but for the 72 hours restriction.


The "story" seems to be exactly the same, random missions with either tech (items/programs), credits or liberation goals. Is there any other difference but the time? Do you get XP only in story mode or also when you die in endless mode (keeping my team strong and healthy thus far!), so next time you start over you have better resources / more operative options to chose from? Is that how it's supposed to be played or will there be a "real" story mode / single player campaign once the game is fully done?


Also, while I quite enjoy the game already, missions to get an additional agent seem so much more important than anything else, as a 3rd member in the party makes you so much stronger, even if you only use him to pin down opponents.


In addition I find the progressions system a bit lackluster. Having everything improve with credits feels rather awkward, as it always feels like I need to invest everything in my team asap, since you never know when or if you will encounter an item you actually want to buy (I skip almost every item for credits that doesn't provide improved armor piercing (or door traps, as they essentially do the same thing), since they feel like a nice addition, however are not really a requirement).


Furthermore you should be able to assign items to agents before you launch a mission and be able to sell/buy basic items ahead of time. Feels super weird that you first have to infiltrate a highly secure facility before being able to modify your gear or hand your colleague an item. :D


Lastly, there should be a separate mode with a save option. The lack there-of simply forces me to go look for the save file, make a copy just in case, and if I get supremely unlucky, have a chance to try again. Not the smoothest of game experiences!



That being said, I really enjoy the concept and art direction of this game a lot, big fan of turn based strategy and bringing evil corporations to their knees (<3 Shadowrun).


Cheerio and thanks for any feedback!

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You have to remember this is an early access game.

The endless mode for now just means you can have fun longer with developed agents, skills, gear.


The story mode now implemented will also only probably be way more developed.


The engine and base mechanics of the game are there but there is still a whole lot of integration/iteration/ideas/bad ideas/ etceteras to be played with by the debvs

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There actually is an extra mission in Endless Mode: "A Friendly Conversation", which is sort of a search and capture mission.


You can also replay your agony from the final mission of story mode in "Insomniac" :D


There also appear to be "Distress Signal" as a mission but the contract is always expired, perhaps future content?

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