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  1. Well In Binding of Isaac, you can always bomb the door you came through, or another one, and get out of the room where you are in a bad situation. FTL also has the option to give up combat, spool your engines and jump. I meant that kind of "Oh ****" remedy. They can be costly for both games in terms of health/resources lists or damage to deal with. Anyway, I know for sure now I am not a fan of rogues like where your whole progression is lost. Just the way i take my games. I have taken the sad habit of backing up the save game file of inv. inc. should I fail miserably, just like I had with don't starve at one point. It kinda sucks as I obviously cheat. Having the option to avoid the fatal "oh **** situations" would be much more satisfying than this (limited roll backs of the previous turns, definable à la Don't starve options ?). I suspect a lot of people in the end resolve to this kind of things at one point or another of their experience, admitting it or not. The more I explored the game and the more promising it gets in the end, there is still some serious work to balance that all and have more impact/diversity by higher end objects (at the moment, they actually get powerful but without really branching the gameplay possibilities I feel).
  2. Hey, I would like to say, I happily bought the game and kinda don't regret it, it's my first time with a early access game (i did not consider don't starve early access like that at the time). I understand this is a very early version of the game. But I must say I am very frustrated by it. Also, on countless forums about games such as these, I really think most people don't dare express their frustration on the difficulty of a game because of peer pressure or however you call it. I'have spent more than 10 hours since I downloaded the game and find it way too punishing/not rewarding enough. Here are my personnal quirks with it : - The progression of your agents is almost anecdotical in gameplay, especially when you need to buy both experience perks and equipments. In the end you sees all this equipment in some nanofabs you can actually never use at all. Why bother putting it there in the first place then ? In the end you are an agency and are supposed to have some funds in the beginning to actually play in this corporate world, with maybe a harsh rise in prize/requirement for more advanced technologies ? Give flexibility for basic equipment (anyway not so powerful), make paydays of successful runs really rewarding ? Have the progression of your characters actually do something ? - There is an utter sense of artificiality in the way the game handles the equipment, though probably due to early stages. I mean you are an agency which doesn't actually have access to any tech but a taser when beginning ? There is no item management for a mission. Some variety here would be welcome. I won't talk about the inexistence of silenced small arms, then again a design choice albeit a very artificial design one in the end. - Classic critic : The punishment is too harsh : you invest x hours in a session only to get everything wasted by sometimes stupid mistake ( interface problems like i switch character too fast, the game does not follow, the other char moves ... happened more than a few times), sometimes randomly generated quirkiness of the level. So I have read all the opinions on the subject, but in the end, I don't have time to invest in a game like in my youth and I will just go away. I already bought the game anyway. Games like FTL or Isaac as people have compared inv. inc. with are waayyy more forgiving than this. Both of them have runaway options for one thing. Some way of getting out in oh **** situations would be nice (explode en EMP device close to the building for emergency fuckups, losing some stuff in the process like gear, acquired intel, keep money ; EMP would actually blank lights and locked doors for 3 turns until anti emp generators or whatever kick in). At the moment losing one operator means you will lose the other 80% of times in my tryouts. As for the rest, I guess there is a lot to do in term of Storyline/explanation/integration and all kinds of gameplay tweaks that will be polished over the coming months. Thanks for this early version, it is playable though kinda frustrating with a feeling in the end of "why am i spending time on this already ?", linked to a general lack of context. Is is refreshing though and could become great in the future ! Good luck to the devs, and players out there dying of this oh so slow coming bullet ! Ri