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Decoding old build.bin file format


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Are there any tools to convert old versions of build.bin files (version 5?) back to text files for editing?


We are trying to update our Rincewind mod to work on ROG, and have noticed that the new texture files and much larger than the old samples that were available, meaning that Rincewind and Luggage come out rather fuzzy in game. We tried to edit the build files (built off the old sample character packs) but it appears that available tools (Binary converter and ktools) can't read the provided build.bin file, which appears to be version 5 (according to ktools output) rather than 6 as used in all game animations. 

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I know I used krane on anim files from early beta - january 2013 - before and it worked fine, so that shouldn't be an issue (at least source version from git, I dunno if binary version here is same). I don't know what is in the mod, or how it was made, but if the build files were changed by matt's build renamer hash table is stripped off them, which would make krane complain. If that's the case, you can replace build.bin with another one from the 'original' files that were hacked to make the new anim before pushing it through krane, and it should work.

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Tried using the original build files and had the same problem using the binary version of krane. If it helps, the original pack used to create Rincewind were the samples provided here: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/files/file/202-sample-mods/


Don't think we used the build renamer at the time, since Rincewind himself was a re-skin in terms of animations with some custom coding behind him. We didn't create any custom animations until much later. I wish I could remember how each of the mod components were put together!

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