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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Stage Corrupted

Issue Description: Managed to get to 21 hours till the 3rd day. Have 3 members in my party and am on a vault mission. First door has 2 drones and a number of other things to hack adding up to 3 daemons being installed after turn 1. Once all daemons are installed the game crashes. You can load up the game about 5 more times until the save is no longer playable.

Steps to Reproduce: Had played a game with Shalem and Internationale. Had a couple of extra ammo kits and rescued Deckard. Also bought a neural phaser and a melee phaser 2. Was using parasite and power drip as my 2 powers and were the only ones I had.

Starting a vault mission that is 'very guarded' with about 6 objects that are hackable in the room with 3 of them having daemons. The objects can all be hacked in one turn with parasite. Once the 3 daemons are installed the game crashes.

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