[Gameplay] - Using hacked robots

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay
Platform: PC
Issue Title: Using hacked robots
Issue Description: It doesn't seem possible to shoot with more than one robot in one turn.

Maybe there is some kind of hidden CD for robot shooting in general because I've had turns where I hacked a robot and wasn't able to use its gun.
Steps to Reproduce: Hack one robot, shoot something with it, hack another robot during the same turn, try to use its weapon.

Alternatively, hack one robot, shoot something with it, end turn, hack the robot again, try to use its weapon.



Edit: I tried it again on another map and was able to fire with several robots during the same turn. There seems to be a CD on the gun for individual robots though. Because if I hack a robot I shot with during the previous turn I can't shoot with it.

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