Anarchy! Or is it?

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Hello guys,

I have a strong feeling the anarchy does not work as it should. I got third level of this ability on Banks as soon as I could, thinking it will pay for itself soon, but it does not give me any extra money seemingly. Opened vault still gives 150 (the common one). I thought I might misunderstood the ability and it works only with stealing from guards, so I tried but it still did not give me more than 100 from the basic guard. I am asking if I understand the ability correctly before I report it as a bug. What do you think?

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Anarchy does not affect safes -- it only gives extra money from guards. However, note that the money you get is only through that agent -- Banks has to do the stealing. If you however over the credits it should show you the bonus she's getting. Let me know if that works!

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