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How about the character contributing his own source of manure?...his own poo! When the characters has enough on deck, you would be alerted by a short cross legged dance. Then, you could click on a bush and the character could disappear behind a bush for privacy to do the deed. Once done, you could go around the back side of the bush to collect said treasure.:biggrin-new:

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Actually there IS a way to make some compost: 1) Boil some wooden sticks in a crockpot. Shortly they produce a "pile of goo" or whatever its called. 2) Collect enough of that and leave it to rot. Well, it's kinda slow, but you need neither animals for that, nor to waste any FOOD.

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I remember someone saying they missed being able to dump excess stuff into the science machine. Could we compost stuff other than food? Maybe food contributes a way bigger ratio to the compost than just your excess stuff so it's not too easy but you can still get rid of stuff? You'd think in a game like this you wouldn't want to ever do that, but I've accidentally crafted axes and things when I didn't need them and needed the extra space more than I needed a backup axe.

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