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Thanks for helping us squash some bugs!
There are some things that will really help us in reproducing and tracking down your bug so we can get it fixed. We have a quick form to help make sure that you can provide all the information that we need to track down and fix your issue. 
Please be sure to attach log files or savegames whenever possible. Instructions can be found below. 

If you encounter any kind of technical issues while playing Invisible, Inc. and require technical support through our Invisible, Inc. Bug Tracker forums, here are a number of files you may want to include in your bug report that will help provide us detailed information about your game's performance or graphics-related issue.
Sending Save Game Files - Important!
In order for us to reproduce your issue, sometimes we require your save file so that we may take a deeper look at the issue that you are experiencing. Whenever possible please include your save file.

  • To find your save file, go into your Documents folder at \Documents\Klei\InvisibleInc\saves 
  • Inside the "Saves" folder you'll find the file "savegame.lua"; include the contents of that file in your bug report.

Please be sure to let us know which save slot you were using so that we can find the correct campaign that you were playing when you experienced the issue. 

Please click the spoiler tag below for more info:

Reporting a Buggy Level
If a particular level has generated buggy behaviour, press the F1 key while in-game to copy relevant information to the clipboard that will help us generate/recreate that exact level. (NOTE: This only works in-game and not in the main menu). Paste that information within your bug report. It looks similar to this:

INVISIBLE, INC. branches/SteamAlpha_May7.102262 USER 'xxxxxxx@steam'
GAME ko.1.630868788
*If you are having an account issue (ie. game keys, purchase issues, and such) please contact Klei Live Support directly.
Invisible, Inc. Log File (invisibleinc.txt)
If you notice a critical error while playing Invisible, Inc., close the game (to ensure that the log file gets fully written), and go into your documents folder at Documents\Klei\InvisibleInc\logs and find "invisibleinc.txt". Include the contents of that file in your bug report. 


In order to get a DXDiag on WindowsXP or more recent operating systems:
  • Click on your Start button
  • Press the Windows key + R on your keyboard to access the "Run" window
  • On the new window, type in dxdiag.exe and press enter; this will open up the DirectX diagnostic tool
  • Click on the "Save All Information" tab on the diagnostic tool
  • A "Save As..." window will pop up where you can click on save. It will save your hardware information as a document to your desktop (default).
  • Close the diagnostic tool and attach the new document to your forum post or support ticket.



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