Few ideas part 2 (?)

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Like the last time for reign of giants i have a few ideas for dst:
Increased difficulty
im still hoping that this will happen like i said in older posts if you make it an option for the world generation will be perfect for new ppl and veteran players cause you just have to chose if you want it or not, more health and dmg for monsters.
1. i was thinking on something like a tier for him just like wickerbottom but this one named bonecrafting or something like that most of the items from there will be crafted with bones of course.. items like tools, weapons, an armor maybe, traps, etc.
to balance this you can make them hit harder but with less durability or hit less but with more durability compared with the normal tools.
2. also i was thinking of a posible ability for him to have his own companion (a skeletal hound or something like that) something... dead...? just like him (that why i said "weapons and traps" as crafting items for him) he could have been hunter or just a guy who died along side with his pet.
the pet don't have to be to strong or hit harder it just have to help you and if got killed it should drop bones if you still think its too much maybe you can make a item to call him a... whistle maybe? with cooldown of course.
3. for another posible ability for him he should have chance of getting bones from enemys he kill.
smaler monster chance of droping 1, medium 2 and largers 3.
Snake like monster
i was thinking of something like a new kind of monster that can poison you if he hit you, you need a special kind of herb to heal the poison from your body. to make it less OP the poison can have a duration of 20 seconds and deal 1 health point per second as dmg, so if the 20 seconds have passed you get healed. the herb its just to heal you faster and dont get a lot of dmg from it.
also i like to point that the mosaic biome don't have his own kind of monster and it's a boring place (?)
1. i was thinking about a craftable cauldron for her to make potions to weak up enemies (greater for increased difficulty monsters) make them slower, hit less, confuse them and attack each other.
2. less requirements to craft wands and amulets.
3. craftable poison darts.
Another use for the flint
they kinda are almost everywhere and in the end they don't have a lot of uses i guess...
Some kind of "permanent" source of light
it dont have to be... "permanent" but something that can be fueled in the night... similar to the fire pit but to ocasionaly light them in the night. the night light doesnt worth for that... something like... candles or something else (something especially useful on caves).
1. he should have a positive sanity aura for friendly characters when hes still sane and have a negative aura if hes insane (just like friendly pigs, bunnyman, etc).
2. chance of getting extra stuff for defeating enemies (pilfering)
3. chance of dropping manure 15% of the time if he eats anything
4. wilbur has the ability to befriend splumonkeys and they will be neutral to toward him.
i know all of the characters have a maximum of 3 abilities with some members of the forum we thought of these 4 for him.
A craftable mailbox to send messages to another player in the world, this its just in case of not having a "whisper" option. it can use a bird to deliver the message to another player with mailbox.


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I completely agree with the idea of the SOURCE OF LIGHT and the addition of the SNAKE (not as a monster though).


The source of light could be a Candle or even a Lightbulb, the first craft able with honey and second with gears.

The snake could be very interesting if added as a new seasonal presence, although the poison feature would not work so well in my opinion.

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