Lower Health = Slower Movement

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My suggestion is pretty simple:

The more hurt you are, the slower you will move.

I think it would be a nice addition to the game, adding an extra sense of danger. With this added, a player would have to decide whether to bail right now while he has enough speed, or to continue fighting and hope that it dies.

Although, the effects of this should take place when your health is lower than 50 or so.


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Sounds like a bad idea... That would mean, the more hurt you are the harder you can run away? the easier you die?

It already is like... you get hurt a few times and you just gotta run away or you are screwed.. What your saying now just means... You get damaged, youre screwed :)

The effects wouldn't be totally devastating. I imagine it as a replacement of sorts. In previous versions, whenever you would get hit, you would flinch for about 0.75 seconds, but they Soon changed it and now its about 0.25 seconds, making it really easy to run away. Right now, the player can outrun nearly every hostile monster.

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